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Southern Inflatables (UK) Ltd is a premier manufacturer of inflatable buildings, modular building systems and inflatable work tents that are designed to perform excellently in any task imaginable.


Why buy an inflatable building?

Inflatable buildings offer a flexible, low cost alternative to traditional construction techniques. As a temporary solution they're hard to beat, but they're also an excellent choice for permanent structures.


Designed to save money

Inflatable buildings have a lower fabrication cost than buildings made with traditional construction techniques. They can be erected in any weather on all terrains.  They require less people to install, can be erected in minutes and they pack away quickly into a compact package that is cheaper to transport than other types of structure. 


Light, stable and rugged

A light, rugged, inflatable building used by the Royal Air Force.??

A light, rugged, inflatable building used by the Royal Air Force. 

Inflatable buildings have an aerodynamic shape that provides stability in windy conditions. For temporary installations, vehicle standing pads ensure secure placement and quick anchoring.

Manufactured to BS5438 part 2 standards, our inflatable buildings will withstand all weather conditions, from desert to arctic and everything between. We use light and durable materials that are flame, and water resistant and also contain UV inhibitors.


Modular and configurable

Our standard inflatable buildings are modular. They can be linked together to form larger structures. We can also include overhead suspension points to hang lighting systems, run cables etc.

For extremely large buildings we use the air supported structure method. This technique allows us to construct inflatable buildings capable of covering huge areas.   

An enormous air supported structure

An enormous air supported structure


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